A blockchain-enabled supply chain simulation platform that facilitates research into distributed ledger technologies’ potential to increase supply chain efficiency.


The article “DISASTER: Blockchain-Enabled Token Trading Game for Supply Chain Management” has been accepted by INFORMS Transaction on Education.

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What is DISASTER*?

*DLT In Sourcing And Strategic Trading Experimental Research

  • DISASTER provides a web-based dynamic platform for advanced supply chain simulation games simulating virtual markets where retailers compete for supplies.
  • DISASTER hosts three supply chain simulation games:
      (1) Blockchain-Enabled Token Trading Game
      (2) (Temporal) Supply Shortage Game (w/o Information Sharing)
      (3) Newsvendor Game.
  • All games are fully customizable to your own needs.
  • DISASTER enables the collection of players’ behavioral traits through proven elicitation methods.
  • DISASTER facilitates research and offers an engaging and fun training experience for participants.
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  • Although numerous supply chain–focused simulation games exist, none incorporates features of advanced technologies such as blockchain.
  • DISASTER was developed to close this gap and incorporate benefits of blockchain technology into the supply chain simulation space.
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DISASTER has been used at a variety of institutions, including: